Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Can I bring my Dog or Pets?

A:  ABLOLUTELY NO DOGS or PETS – we have had complaints in years past from several festivalgoers – pee, poop, licking, and near dog fights.


Q:  Can I bring in a cooler?

A:  Yes, coolers with your choice of beverage and food is allowed.

Q:  Will seating be provided?

A:  No, Please feel free to Bring chairs, blankets and even tents are OK if placed in the back and not blocking other peoples view.

Q:  Where in the world is Lavender’s Circle L Ranch?

A:  Lavender’s Circle L Ranch is like a trip to the country…but right in the city limits of KCK.  It is the closest thing to a Mountain in the state of Kansas or in KCK…   It is like a trip to the country…but right in the city limits of KCK.  4553 N 49th Dr, Kansas City, KS 66104.

Q:  Will there be Food or Drink available for sale?

A:  We have selected a great group of food and drink vendors for the event.  Alcohol will not be available for sale, that is why you have a cooler. 

Q:  Do we have to pay to park?

A:  FREE parking,  Carpooling is very much appreciated.

Q:  I am extremely prolific and have many children.  Do I have to pay for them to get in?

A:  Children 12 years of age and younger are FREE with paid adult ticket!

Q:  Is Handicap Parking available?

A:  Ask for FREE handicap parking and assistance


Q:  How do I get down the mountain to the valley stage?

A:  FREE shuttle service on the grounds is available


Q:  Am I going to have a good time?

A:  Oh Yeah!  FREE dancing, FREE smiles and laughs with friends = priceless good time.  All of our artists are world-class traveling performers