The goal of the Kansas City Kansas Street Blues Festival is to bring all races together by means of a music festivity.  On a “grass roots” level, along with community support and an appreciation of blues music, we celebrate Kansas City’s blues heritage showcasing its finest musicians in grand style.

Welcome to the Kansas City Kansas Street Blues Festival.  This festival was started in 2000 to honor the cultural contributions of Kansas City’s rich blues and jazz heritage and the strong relationship between the musicians and the northeast neighborhood.  As stated by many musicians, this northeast area was popular during the ‘40s through the ‘70s as a hotbed for the blues, with a little jazz mixed in.  This unique music festival focuses on performers who were born, raised, lived in Kansas City, Kansas, or who played a significant number of years there.  Some of the indigenous artists who have performed at the festival include Lawrence Wright, Jay McShann, Provine “Little” Hatch, Myra Taylor, Ida McBeth, The Scamps, Linda Shell, Bobby Watson, Millage Gilbert, Annetta “Cotton Candy” Washington, D.C. Bellamy, Sonny Kenner, “King” Alex Littlejohn, and Danny Cox.


Overwhelmingly, the festival has proven to be a positive, thriving part of the community in delivering a distinctive historical, cultural and musical event.  The Kansas City Kansas Street Blues Festival has been awarded numerous honors and recognitions, and is a two-time National Endowment for the Arts recipient.  This year’s gala will take place at Knuckleheads Saloon (2715 Rochester St, Kansas City, MO 64120) November 23-27, 2022.  Our festival’s sole purpose is to present the artists with the greatest honor of heritage while maintaining the respect amongst the community we serve.  It is a pleasure for the artists and the festivalgoers alike to experience firsthand this down-to-earth blues celebration.


Unfortunately, this legacy is finding its final resting place in the shape of The Last Waltz, a four-day, blow out celebration that is sure to please